Outdoor Concerts & Festivals

We provide stages for festival events across the UK.  From small one day events (for which we recommend our Trailer Stages) to larger, multi-day events (which are best with our Dome Stages).

We supply events from 20 people up to 20,000 with event stage solutions.  From our extensive stocks of steeldeck, allydeck, litedeck or ambideck we can build a stage of any shape or size.

Because our stages are built quickly and easily they don’t require a large amount of time to set them up.  This means that our team of stage builders will need less time in the venue or on site, meaning you don’t have to start building your event early – just to accommodate the stage building team.  In fact, our solution often means that we are finished more quickly than some more traditional stage or set building techniques.

We have provided festival stage hire solutions to:

  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Leeds & Reading Festivals
  • Both sites for V Festival
  • Greenbelt Festival
  • End of The Road Festival
  • Breakout Festival
  • Edinburgh Festival
  • Forestry Live (concerts delivered by the Forestry Commission)
  • Wychwood Music Festival