Exhibition Stands & Displays

Save time and money with your exhibition stand build – use lite deck staging units instead of building from scratch in wood – it will save you thousands of pounds and hours of work…

We can install hundreds of square meters of sub floor, exhibition stand floor, raised platforms and multi-level decks in hours – rather than days and we are specialists at creating large or raised walkways and platforms. Our work at various boat shows around the UK (building raised boat docks) has been applauded by clients, stand builders and safety officials alike – because our units are tested and certified you can be confident that there won’t be any issues.

Unlike something that has been built on site from wood – no matter how skilled the carpenter their stand won’t be as structurally sound as anything made out of our staging units.  They are all a uniform size (handrails, steps, ramps, decks) so you know that it will fit together – speeding up the build and saving you money.