Cheltenham Literature Festival

The literature festival is one of the four successful festivals held throughout the year in Cheltenham, along with the jazz, science and music festivals. These festivals are a chance for the town to showcase its local talent as well as giving well-known artists the opportunity to take centre stage in a more intimate space. LMS have been supplying event staging solutions to these festivals for many years. At the 2011 Literature festival we installed;

  • Temporary Event Access ramp platforms for the Mobenn marquees
  • A 32ft x 12ft event stage in ‘The Forum’ (seats 1500) with guests including Joanna Lumley, Stars from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ as well as the author, screenwriter and actors from ‘Downton Abbey’
  • 24ft x 12ft event staging in the ‘Qwerty’ marquee which seats 700 people with Dave Gorman as one of the comedians taking centre stage
  • 20ft x 10ft stage in ‘The Salon’ marquee which seats 350 people
  • 8ft x 6ft platform in the ‘Literary Lounge’ marquee which seats 50

The marquees were placed in both Cheltenham’s Imperial gardens and the Montpellier gardens.

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