Temporary Event Access Ramps

When working in temporary event venues you will often find that you can’t get people, equipment or vehicles to the places that you want.  Often there will be steps from one part of a festival or concert venue to another – and you will need to work out a way to make a safe route for those with equipment (like flightcases, amp-racks and dimmers) which can’t be lifted, vehicles (from trolleys to golf carts to cars) and people who may have mobility disabilities and require sloped walkways for wheelchairs etc.

LMS are able to assist with all temporary event ramps you may need.  We can build ramps from our stocks of temporary event staging that can accommodate the most difficult aspects.  For example we recently built a ramped exit route for a football club hosting a concert on the pitch to use in the event of an emergency.  For wheelchair use, ramps should ideally be built to a gradient of 1:20 although 1:12 may be permissible.  This means that for every 1m you go up (or down) the ramp should be 20m long.

In addition there should be level points at intervals along the ramps route and if very long, the ramp should can have turns rather than being in one straight line (although the turn itself should be level, rather than sloping too).

We can add handrails, white lines (to show edges) and drapes to dress the ramp and can install anywhere – indoors or outdoors.  We can connect to other peoples stages, existing infrastructure (like over the top of steps for example) and create a flat, but sloped surface wherever required.

Get in touch with LMS Events today to see how we can help – our advice is free and we are always happy to get involved in the planning stages to help event organisers get the best from their event.


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